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What to Look For in an After School Program

St. Timothy's students sitting on a bench at the end of a school day

After school programs are a valuable addition to a student’s education. Offering children additional academic support and socialization after their school day, a comprehensive after school program is a valuable tool for a student’s intellectual and social-emotional development. 

At St. Timothy’s School, our after school care program provides a safe, supervised, nurturing environment for students to continue their studies and socialize with their peers. With an even balance of structured play and academic time, our after school program is a valuable extension to students’ school days. If you are a parent seeking after school care for your child, read below to learn about what to look for in an after school program. 

Quality Supervisors

When it comes to after school programs, you want to ensure your child is in good hands. With quality care from school professionals, your child will receive the proper supervision and access to help when needed. At St. Timothy’s School, we employ staff, many of whom are alumni, to take care of students in our after school care program. Our staff members create a supervised, safe, and caring environment for students to enjoy structured play and study time. 

Scheduled Work And Play

The best after school programs are those with structured work and play time. While students will have time to unwind and socialize after school, they also should have designated quiet time for their studies. This schedule ensures that a student’s time is spent productively until it’s time for pickup. The after school program at St. Timothy’s School implements an effective schedule allowing students to interact with peers and complete their homework. Our students spend their time after school socializing and making new friends while also progressing their studies. 

Academic Support

The ideal after school program will have various academic resources to support students as they complete their studies. From educational supervisors to learning tools like textbooks and computers, an afterschool program should offer homework assistance to aid students’ academic journeys. With counselor support and learning assistance, students can maximize their productivity during after school hours. 

Physical Activities

Physical activity is a significant pillar of after school programs. During students’ scheduled play time, it is important they have the option to go outside and be active. Whether they are partaking in sports activities or playing on the playground, after school time offers ample opportunities for physical activity. Not only does physical activity provide outlets for socialization, but it also allows students to improve their overall physical health. 


Flexibility is important to working parents needing after school care. With a jam-packed, unpredictable schedule, working parents want a reliable afterschool program that will accommodate their child when needed. At St. Timothy’s School, we offer after school care every school day with dismissal beginning at 6 pm. Whether your child needs after school care full time or just every once in a while, our program will accommodate you and your family’s schedule. 

Private Education at St. Timothy’s School

St. Timothy’s School is a private school in Raleigh, NC, that offers comprehensive after school care every school day from 3-6 pm. Our program offers quality supervised care, structured social and work time, and valuable academic support for all students in attendance. Visit our website today to learn more about St. Timothy’s after school program.