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After School Care Program at St. Timothy’s School

Student going down the slide at recess

St. Timothy’s After School Care (ASC) program provides a safe, nurturing environment for students to continue their studies and interact with their peers. Many schools outsource after school care to external programs. However, we employ staff, many of whom are alumni, to take care of students at St. Timothy’s

Supervised Care

After school care provides students supervision in a structured environment. Knowing they are under the care of professionals at the school provides peace of mind and ensures that a child has access to help when needed. 

Structured Social Time

Another benefit of after school care is that it allows students to interact with each other through structured playtime. It provides a fun, social environment for all. With smaller groups and a more relaxed schedule than school, even more reserved students get a chance to play with other children and widen their circle of friends during after school care. 

Academic Support 

A final benefit to after school care is that it allows students more opportunities for academic support. They have focused time to complete their homework where it is quiet and adults are available for assistance with homework. This controlled environment allows many students to complete their assignments and study for upcoming assessments. 

After School Care at St. Timothy’s

At St. Timothy’s School, we offer After School Care (ASC) every school day between 3:00 and 6:00 p.m. except on the first and last day of school. All students are eligible, and there is no waitlist for students to attend. Students may attend full-time or drop-in.

If you’d like to learn more about St. Timothy’s School and our after school care program, please reach out today with any questions.