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How to Prepare Your Child for Pre-K

How to Prepare Your Child for Pre-K

Your child’s first day of Pre-K is a moment you will never forget. But as much as this is a big moment for you, it’s also a huge milestone for your little one. As a parent, it’s essential to support your child as they embark on their first school experience and ensure they are prepared for all that is to come. 

At St. Timothy’s School, the needs of our youngest students are at the heart of everything we do, from school curriculum to daily schedules. The same goes for our parents, as the St. Timothy’s community prioritizes creating optimal learning foundations for our Pre-K students. Below, we describe ways our parents can prepare their children for Pre-K to set them up for success throughout their educational journey. 

Read Books about Pre-K

Reading books about Pre-K is a great way to give your child a glimpse of what they can expect on their first day. Following fictional characters as they embark on their preschool journey will give your child a better understanding of what their day-to-day life will look like and build enthusiasm around the school experience. You might consider classics like Rose Goes to Preschool by Karen Katz or The Night Before Preschool by Natasha Wing. Reads like these will paint an appealing picture for your child and excite them about their next chapter.

Develop a Routine 

Establishing an at-home routine for your child will progressively ease them into their new Pre-K schedule. From going to bed at a certain hour to eating a nutritious breakfast, there are so many elements you can implement into your child’s routine to help them acclimate to a more structured schedule. 

Attend School Events

As a parent, you want to know your child is in good hands. One of the best ways to do this is to attend school events before your child’s first day. Whether setting your child up on a summer playdate to meet their future classmates or attending a meet-the-teacher event, it’s important to familiarize yourself and your child with their future learning environment. This is extremely helpful for a parent, as you can better understand what to expect when dropping your child off on their very first day. This comfort and peace of mind will also transfer to your child, encouraging them to get excited about starting their first-ever school experience.  

Encourage Independence 

Pre-K is a child’s first opportunity to take on tasks by themselves. As a parent, one way you can help prepare them for these new responsibilities is to encourage independence at home. Whether motivating your child to put on their shoes themselves or wash their hands,  incorporating more independent tasks at home will give them the confidence and self-sufficiency needed to thrive throughout their first few weeks of Pre-K. 

Private Education at St. Timothy’s School

St. Timothy’s School is a private school in Raleigh, NC, that offers a comprehensive education for pre-K through eighth-grade students. Our Early Childhood Program lays learning foundations for Pre-K and Kindergarten students, weaving creativity, imagination, and fun throughout daily activities and lessons. Visit our site today to learn more about the Early Childhood Program at St. Timothy’s School.