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Technology & Design

St. Timothy's students in technology class and design thinking class

Technology transforms student learning and development. At St. Timothy’s School, we strive to develop students who are producers by using coding, problem-solving, and an understanding of engineering principles. Technology also facilitates student collaboration and allows them to reach their full potential in the modern world. We incorporate technology to increase student access to information, personalize learning experiences, and teach communication skills that prepare them for high school and beyond.

St. Timothy’s School understands the importance of adopting current technology to equip students with innovative skills and to build their knowledge of a wide variety of tools and platforms. We offer state-of-the-art technology with a wireless campus and interactive classroom technology, including Google Jamboards or SMART technology panels in every classroom. We deploy Google Chromebooks in fifth through eighth grades, provide Chromebook carts in third through fourth grades, and provide iPads in each classroom in pre-Kindergarten through second grade. We also have a technology class and a design thinking class in each middle school grade.