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What Types of Technology are Helpful in the Classroom?

What types of technology are helpful in the classroom?

Technology enhances education in classrooms worldwide. Exposing students to more advanced learning methods and broader networks, technology has quickly become one of the most effective teaching tools for students of all ages and skill levels. 

At St. Timothy’s School, we provide valuable technology to our Pre-K through Middle School classrooms. These advanced tools, which range from handheld tablets to interactive whiteboards, offer more accessibility to information, lesson personalization, and stronger communication school-wide. Below, we dive deeper into these technologies and share how they benefit our students’ academic journeys. 


Tablets are a useful enhancement tool inside the classroom. Whether these are communal iPads for every grade or individual devices for each student, user-friendly tablets are beneficial for teachers to incorporate timely and responsibly into a student’s toolbox. These handheld devices help students tap into new learning strategies by giving them access to curriculum-based content at their fingertips. St. Timothy’s provides iPads in each pre-K through Second-grade classroom and Chromebooks to third and fourth graders. These devices forward our students’ educational journeys and help them discover their learning styles.

Interactive Display Boards

Interactive display boards are another popular tool among elementary and middle school classrooms, especially at St. Timothy’s. These interactive, digital whiteboards allow students and teachers to collaborate in real-time either directly on the device or via web browsers or mobile apps. Teachers love these tools for their accessibility, crisp and clean display, and engaging nature. Interactive Display Boards allow classrooms to experience a new level of brainstorming and collaboration, proving themselves to be pioneers in the educational technology space.

Video Conferencing

Virtual learning has become incredibly common across U.S. classrooms, and part of that is thanks to video conferencing. When classes went virtual in 2020, schools used video conferencing to continue teaching while students were out of the classroom. But just because learning is back to normal does not mean video conferencing has lost value. Students use video conferencing to maximize their resources. For example, a guest speaker from across the globe is able to connect with students via video conferencing. These experiences are tremendous for a student’s social-emotional learning as they teach kids about new cultures and perspectives.  

One way St. Timothy’s students use video broadcasting is through their daily announcements. Each morning our Eighth Graders broadcast to each classroom to give school-wide morning announcements. This virtual news study is a great example of utilizing video broadcasting tools to enhance student learning experiences and schoolwide communications. 

Private Education a St. Timothy’s School

St. Timothy’s School is a private school in Raleigh, NC, that offers a comprehensive education for Pre-K through eighth-grade students. Our research-based curriculum is infused with a mix of traditional and technology-based learning strategies to create a modern and well-rounded educational experience. Visit our site today to learn more about St. Timothy’s School.