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Why Visual and Performing Arts Matter in School

Students during our May 2023 performance of Alice in Wonderland

Visual and performing arts are crucial to a student’s early education. Whether it’s band, choral ensembles, drama, or art, these programs allow children to tap into their creative side and discover new passions outside the classroom. 

At St. Timothy’s School, we encourage creativity and skill development through our comprehensive arts curriculum. Our team cultivates an environment for kindergarten, lower school, and middle school students that uses music, drama, and visual arts as valuable learning tools. Read below to learn why visual and performing arts matter in schools. 

Helps Academic Performance

Whether they’re thriving on stage or on a pottery wheel, students’ artistic success translates to the classroom. When concentrating on memorizing lines, designing an art piece, or playing a musical instrument, students develop sharper focus and impulse control, helping them maintain their success in other academic areas. Additionally, visual and performing arts programs spark a continued excitement in students, causing them to be even more intrinsically motivated to go to school and learn new concepts. 

Encourages Social-Emotional Learning

Visual and performing arts programs offer ample opportunities for social-emotional learning. When students engage in collaborative projects like theater production or musical ensembles, they interact with their peers in ways that strengthen communication and social-emotional skills. By working together toward one common goal, students participating in group arts programs experience valuable team-building activities and additional socialization outside of the classroom. 

Learning through the arts provides students with an additional avenue to express emotions through the arts. For students who want to become better communicators, having the opportunity to play a character in a school play can teach them new ways to express emotion. This will allow them to break out of their shell and teach them about empathy as they embody their character and see the world from a new perspective. At St. Timothy’s School, our drama program is available to middle school students seeking to try their hand at acting, directing, and designing for theater production. 

Enriches Their School Experience

A comprehensive arts curriculum enriches a student’s school experience. From school drama productions to immersive art and design co-curriculars, visual and performing arts offer unique learning opportunities for newfound creativity. As a result, students may discover new forms of self-expression outside of traditional academia, adding more depth to their day-to-day school routines. For example, St. Timothy’s middle school chorus program is a highlight for students, giving them opportunities for socialization, creativity, and musical connection. 

Improves Confidence 

Confidence is key in all aspects of a child’s early educational development. From succeeding in the classroom to making friends on the playground, having a foundation of self-esteem helps a child excel in intellectual, social, and spiritual development. Students can blossom and discover newfound confidence by participating in visual and performing arts programs. Whether performing in front of an audience or engaging with other students during rehearsals, students in visual arts programs continuously build confidence.  

Private Education at St. Timothy’s School

St. Timothy’s School is a private school in Raleigh, NC, that offers enriching visual and performing arts opportunities to create a well-rounded learning experience for students. Our comprehensive curriculum emphasizes the importance of music, theater, and visual arts in education, helping students become better listeners, communicators, and critical thinkers. Visit our website today to learn about visual and performing arts at St. Timothy’s School.