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Visual and Performing Arts at St. Timothy’s School

Lower school students playing bells in music class

Art programs in schools improve students’ motivation, concentration, teamwork, and confidence.

The arts play an essential role at St. Timothy’s School, where we encourage creativity through a comprehensive fine art curriculum that includes music, theater, and visual art. We foster a positive environment where students can explore the creative process and share their artistic experiences with our community. Discover more about our programs and the importance of the arts in school below. 

The Importance of the Arts in School 

Art programs in schools improve students’ motivation, concentration, teamwork, and confidence. Art education instills motor and social skills, critical thinking, and problem-solving. It also connects students with different cultures and viewpoints while engaging different approaches to learning. Both visual and performing arts are crucial in students’ overall education, and we ensure artistic opportunities across the board at St. Timothy’s School.

St. Timothy’s School Art Programs

We offer both elective and curriculum-based art programs at St. Timothy’s School, giving every student ample opportunity to express their creativity and explore mediums. From visual art classes to drama, chorus, and band, we have something for everyone. 

Visual Arts 

Our lower school arts program is a co-curricular class for all students in pre-kindergarten through fourth grade. We encourage students to use their imagination and creativity to express themselves through the use of line, shape, color, value, and texture. In the process, our instructors implement the fundamentals of visual art to guide learning and experimentation.  Students study art history and create their own art projects while appreciating art and design in their environment.

Middle School Visual Art Elective

Visual art is available as an elective class to middle school students. Students explore photography, brush, clay, and many other visual art tools in the creative process. This course builds on visual art fundamentals and incorporates art history to support mastering design elements. Students have the opportunity to display artwork locally, and seventh- and eighth-graders can enter the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, a national competition that highlights exceptional youth creative work. 


All middle school students can take drama as an elective. Drama classes encompass all aspects of theater production, including acting, sound, costumes, and makeup. Students take turns as actors, directors, program designers, and many other roles to understand production art. No matter the role, students enjoy these collaborative, creative adventures and performances in both the fall and spring.


Chorus is a music program incorporated into our lower school curriculum. Third-graders proudly serve as the choir for our annual Christmas pageant. Middle School Chorus is an optional year-long program available to all fifth through eighth graders, with practice twice a week. 


We offer our students multiple band and ensemble opportunities. Our growing band program is available for all third- through eighth-graders. Students can participate in beginning or symphonic band and may also participate in jazz band, percussion ensemble, flute ensemble, and our wind ensemble.

Through the programs listed above, we hope each student discovers his or her passions and enjoys experiencing new art forms. Lower and Middle School is a time for students to develop their interests and learn more about the world around them, including how music, design, and entertainment fit into their daily landscapes. If you have any questions regarding our arts opportunities or other programs at St. Timothy’s School, contact us today.