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The Advantages of an Independent School Before High School

St. Timothy's teacher giving a lesson in the classroom

Independent schools provide students with the resources they need to be successful in high school and beyond.

Independent schools are non-public schools governed by an independent board of trustees. There are many advantages to attending an independent school before high school. Students at independent schools receive a foundation of confidence and integrity, thrive with more personalized attention, and develop independence and leadership skills. At St. Timothy’s, we enjoy seeing young students in pre-k through eighth grade establish the tools they need in high school. The size of the school is intentionally set so we can focus on cultivating strong relationships and a lasting love of learning with every student. 

Independent Schools Build a Foundation for Success

The independent school is a great place for younger children to begin their academic journey with lessons that intentionally build academic and social foundations to prepare them for the next level. At St. Timothy’s, the foundation begins in the early years with a strong core curriculum and an emphasis on social and emotional learning.

A narrower grade range offering, like a pre-kindergarten through eighth grade school, creates opportunity for focused expertise and allows students to grow at an appropriate pace. With a high school comes mature subjects, which can often Influence younger students. Without older children in the same environment, we can keep those conversations age and stage appropriate. 

Low Student-Teacher Ratio

With a smaller school comes smaller classes. Our low student to teacher ratio is intentional. Having a limited number of students per grade level allows our teachers to know and understand our students as individuals. Vital relationship-building skills are nurtured by our tight-knit classes. Confidence in one’s ability to speak up and be heard, social awareness, and a deep sense of community are concepts students will carry into their high school years and beyond. Children who learn early on to be comfortable with their teachers and peers are more likely to feel the same self-assurance in their later years. 

At an independent school like St. Timothy’s, teachers enjoy the flexibility of adapting teaching plans to their cohort of students without over-reliance on state-mandated testing. Ultimately, a small setting affords us more opportunity for specialized focus, expertise, and individual attention.

Independence and Leadership Skills

Independent schools also pave the way for more independence and leadership skills. For example, at St. Timothy’s, our eighth-grade students take on the role of leaders in the school. Tight-knit relationships with peers, teachers, and the community teach students that their voice matters and that they can take charge when necessary. 

Other programs, such as service learning, enable students to practice independence, self-sufficiency, and leadership skills. Our service learning programs at St. Timothy’s allow students to think beyond themselves while helping the community with projects that highlight issues such as food and clothing insecurities. Leadership opportunities, such as student council and National Junior Honor Society in middle school, give students more responsibility and ways to model good citizenship.

When our eighth graders enter high school, the transition period sets them up for future success. They are accustomed to being leaders and enter their new learning environment with the confidence to excel. 

We believe in the power of teaching strong values at a young age to provide students with the resources they need to be successful in high school and beyond. Discover everything St. Timothy’s offers and inquire today if you want to learn more about our school.