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St. Timothy’s School at a Glance

Lower school students coloring in class

In Raleigh, North Carolina, there is no shortage of choices for an excellent education, with numerous public, private, and independent schools for lower and middle school students. St. Timothy’s School has been a respected educational institution in Raleigh for more than 60 years, and we are always excited to welcome new families to our growing school community. Read below to learn more about St. Timothy’s School and discover what makes us stand out from other independent schools. 

About St. Timothy’s School

Founded in 1958, St. Timothy’s School educates students through the everyday moments, big and small–instilling the knowledge, skills, and values to lead successful, purposeful lives. St. Timothy’s School may look a bit different from when we started with our first class of 16 students, but our commitment to nurturing young learners has not changed. Thanks to the support of our close-knit community of teachers, parents, alumni, and friends, we have grown and now serve more than 550 students from pre-kindergarten to eighth grade

Our Episcopal School Identity

St. Timothy’s is an inclusive Christian school where children and families of any and all faiths are equally welcomed and valued. We embrace both faith and reason in pursuit of truth and meaning–offering the strongest academic and intellectual foundations in science, math, literature, history, languages, and the arts, while also exploring lifelong questions of faith, existence, and purpose. We worship and pray together in regular chapel services, and our middle school Religious Studies classes examine Christianity and other world religions from an academic perspective. We respect families’ personal choices on matters of faith, and we teach our students that loving and serving others is an essential part of everyone’s calling.

Students at St. Timothy’s School

Our students are at the center of everything we do at St. Timothy’s School. From small class sizes and high-quality technology to award-winning arts programs and competitive athletics, all parts of the school contribute to bright futures for our students. St. Timothy’s School accepts students who range in age from four to fourteen and desire a diverse curriculum that balances academics, arts, and social and emotional development. We strive to prepare our students for every aspect of the world outside of St. Timothy’s. When they graduate, St. Timothy’s alumni have the strongest foundations to leave a positive impact on the world around them.

Teachers at St. Timothy’s School

Our teachers are essential to the success of St. Timothy’s School and the development of our students. More than 50% of our faculty have advanced degrees, and all are lifelong learners committed to using research-based best practices in their classrooms to benefit all learners. The small, close-knit community at St. Timothy’s allows our teachers to form lasting relationships with students and tailor lessons to meet their needs. Every student is known, loved, and supported by a team of teachers whose talents and commitment are unmatched. 

Technology at St. Timothy’s School

To supplement our expansive curriculum and stay up-to-date with an increasingly technological world, St. Timothy’s School offers the latest technology to support our students and staff. From SmartBoards in every classroom to robotics and programming activities in our Imagination Lab, our interactive classroom technology immerses students in their subjects and helps teachers introduce creative and engaging lessons. Classroom sets of iPads in pre-kindergarten through second grade allow children to get comfortable using technology as they learn. Students progress to classroom sets of Chromebooks in third and fourth grade so they can practice typing and presentation skills in a more independent environment. Beginning in fifth grade, all middle school students receive their own personal Chromebook to develop research and study skills in their classes and promote independence and responsibility.

Don’t stop by just exploring St. Timothy’s School at a glance. Learn more about our mission to provide intentional education for our students and how we prepare our graduates for a life of integrity, service, and purpose. We can’t put every extraordinary detail of our school into words, so get in touch with us to learn more! It all starts here.