How Technology Helps Elementary and Middle School Students

Student building a robot in technology class

Students across the globe are using technology at increasingly exponential rates over the past two school years due to Covid-19. As an essential tool in a rapidly advancing world, especially when it comes to classroom dynamics, technology transforms learning in meaningful ways to elevate the overall school experience.

At St. Timothy’s, we understand the importance of adapting to today’s technology and equipping students with the tools and skills they need. With the help of our technology teacher, we explain below how innovative technology helps elementary and middle school students. 

Technology Allows Teachers to Create Content

Technology allows teachers to reach different learners through personalized programs like videos, games, images, and tutorials. Students tend to zone out after staring at the same whiteboard, but technology adds excitement to the school day with differentiated content.

Modern technology also gives teachers a forum for professional resources to incorporate into their lessons or share with students and parents. Middle and elementary school students have access to a world of information that was previously only available in specialty offices or university libraries. Now, teachers can facilitate advanced learning and communicate with other teachers through the internet to optimize lessons. 

Technology Engages Students in New Ways

New methods of engaging students like virtual reality and interactive media keep them learning in an effective, compelling way. It’s always good to try new techniques and find what works best for individuals to learn in an ever-changing environment. Technology is especially accessible in a small, private school that has room in the schedule and small enough classes to experiment with new tech. 

For example, when reading online, a child may be able to listen to words out loud from a recorded narrator, search online for definitions of words they don’t know, and click-through interactive selections. There are also ways to take notes and highlight on computers that aren’t possible with traditional textbooks. 

Technology Meets Students Where They Are

Technology offers student assessment capabilities to collect data on each individual, meeting his or her needs through tailored coursework. It helps teachers craft assignments or assessments based on level and understanding. Technology allows for observation of different criteria and grades much faster than traditional methods; students can immediately start improving with instant results. 

While it can be hard to customize a written test to meet each student’s individual needs, technology helps formulate a personalized approach based on past performance. Specific programs also enable students to work at their own pace, either taking their time to absorb or advancing quickly to new material. 

Technology Transforms Students into Producers

Students spend a lot of time consuming new information. Technology supports their transformation into producers through coding, problem-solving, and an overall understanding of engineering. It engages students fully; those who tend to forget are more likely to retain knowledge if they actively participate. 

Technology also encourages student collaboration on projects, like videos, that they would not have been able to make in the past. With increased access to technology, students learn to use new applications to reach their full potential in the modern world. 

Technology Connects Students Across the World 

Another benefit of technology is that it connects students internationally. Students experience other countries and cultures in ways previously unimaginable. Access to resources and actual interactions via emailing and video conferencing is becoming more readily available. The chance to talk with students from across the world or even watch a video about another culture teaches students empathy and an understanding of the bigger picture around them. It’s an excellent opportunity to discuss service learning and how students can help different communities. 

St. Timothy’s implements technology wherever possible to help our students reach their full potential. We believe incorporating new technological teaching tools increases access to information, personalized learning, and communication skills to prepare for high school and beyond. Contact us today to learn more!