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6 Ways to Support Your Child Through Middle School

Middle school students doing classwork

Middle school is a critical time in a student’s personal and academic development. Juggling new friendships, extracurriculars, and more challenging classes, middle schoolers have a lot on their plates during this stage of life. 

St. Timothy’s School recognizes that consistent support at home is necessary for a middle school student’s success. From extra homework help to meetings with school educators, there are several ways you can support your child throughout their middle school years.

Get Involved 

Getting involved in the community is an effective way to learn more about the school and motivate your child to participate in school activities. From volunteering at school and attending sporting events to participating in parent-teacher conferences, there are ample opportunities to become a part of your child’s school community. 

While attending school events will show that you’re invested in your child’s education, some students can find their parents’ school presence overwhelming. Follow your child’s lead when it comes to volunteering at school to ensure you are both comfortable with your level of involvement.

Prioritize Attendance

Encouraging consistent attendance and participation is critical for your child’s education. As a parent, you can help establish a healthy morning and nighttime routine for your child by prioritizing early bedtimes and nutritious breakfast options. By following these routines, your child is more likely to be energized and ready for the school day.

Students must regularly attend school to keep up with their assignments. However, sometimes emergencies happen. If your child is feeling too sick to attend school, allow them the needed recovery time to get better and return to school fully recharged. And prior to your child’s return, encourage them to follow-up with their teachers for missed classwork and assignments. 

Read School Policies

Familiarizing yourself with school policies is another great way to support your child. By understanding what’s expected of your child at school, you can model these behaviors at home. For example, kindness, respect, honesty, and responsibility are pillars of St. Timothy’s code of conduct. By prioritizing these values at home, you can inspire your child to exhibit the same behavior at school. 

Teach Organization and Time Management

Establishing a foundation of organization and time management at home can help set your child up for success. Some students find their coursework more difficult when starting middle school compared to their lower school studies. Middle school also introduces a new schedule to students, implementing class changes throughout the school day. By instilling organization and time management skills at home, you can prepare your child for more challenging academia and class schedule changes. 

There are several strategies you can implement to encourage organization and time management. Try establishing a study routine for your child by eliminating distractions, creating a dedicated study space, and emphasizing the importance of healthy sleep habits. Provide school supplies that will help your child stay organized.

Know Their Friends

Friendships are an important component of a student’s middle school experience. During this time, students build social circles that, in addition to their home life, play a significant role in their overall happiness and support system. 

As a parent, periodically check in with your child and learn more about their peer relationships. If your child experiences conflict in social circles, model listening behavior and reflect together to determine possible solutions. And if given the opportunity, get to know your child’s friends and classmates to get a better feel for your child’s school social life.

Celebrate Their Success 

Positive reinforcement is an effective way to motivate your child throughout middle school. From navigating new friendships to taking on a more challenging course load, middle school can be a difficult time, and students should be recognized for their hard work. Whether that means getting a good grade on a test or making a school sports team, always remember to celebrate your child’s successes along the way. 

St. Timothy’s School encourages students and their families to become a part of our small, nurturing community. By supporting their children in their personal and academic growth, parents have the opportunity to get involved and help their child find success in middle school and beyond.