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5 Reasons Your Child Should Participate in Middle School Sports

St. Timothy's boys soccer team during a game

Middle-school aged children experience significant developmental and cognitive change, and it’s important for students to be active and feel like a valued part of their community. At St. Timothy’s School, we understand the important role that athletes can play.  Participating on a team can help students make friends and discover new strengths. School sports are a great way for middle schoolers to get involved and develop healthy habits, teamwork, confidence, time management, and a sense of belonging. 

Healthy Habits

Exercise is important for one’s overall well-being, and establishing that habit young is a great way to build a foundation for a strong, healthy lifestyle. Participating in a sport also offers a wealth of social and emotional benefits for a child, contributing positively to mental health. Plus, children who play sports are less likely to participate in risky activities later on and tend to value a healthy lifestyle, having felt the benefits of being active and health-conscious. 


Teamwork is another learned skill that is enhanced by participating in sports. Students learn to practice and play together while encouraging each other regularly. With sports, they will experience working as a group giving them opportunities to lead or make concessions. Being part of a team encourages friendship and strong social skills, which are helpful both in school and later in life. 


Students who play sports are likely to develop self-esteem skills and gain confidence from being part of a team. They also develop quick decision-making and perseverance skills, improving their abilities and their self-image. Whether students are proud of scoring a goal or learning a lesson in sportsmanship, they grow from the experience. Sports also teach responsibility, enable leadership roles, and teach students to be good role models. 

Time Management

Time management is more important than ever for today’s youth. Students are busy preparing for high school, college, and beyond with so much going on in their education and personal lives. Surprisingly, adding a sport can help develop time management skills—less free time gives students practice in balancing homework, sports, family, and friends. 

Sense of Belonging

Finally, sports allow students to develop social and communication skills that help them feel part of a community. They are able to bond with their peers and coaches while experiencing life lessons together outside of the classroom. Being on a team is a way for students to feel like part of something bigger than themselves. 

At St. Timothy’s School, over 85% of eligible students in grades six through eight participate on at least one Titan team. We encourage physical activity, leadership, and camaraderie through fun, competitive sports that vary from season to season. We believe that our middle school students greatly benefit from building teamwork skills. Visit our site to learn more about our athletics programs