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5 Best Book Series For Third Graders

Third-grade students reading in the classroom

Third grade is a significant year for elementary school students. As they become more sophisticated in thinking, inferring, and problem-solving, third graders develop a stronger ability to read longer and more complex stories, opening themselves to a new realm of children’s literature. 

At St. Timothy’s School, reading plays a huge role in a child’s third-grade year. During this time, children often transition to more lengthy, challenging chapter books that motivate creativity, self-discovery, and tremendous social, emotional, spiritual, and academic growth. Read below for our comprehensive list of 3rd-grade level book series.

Judy Moody

When it comes to 3rd-grade level chapter books, Judy Moody always makes the list. This award-winning children’s series follows the adventures of Judy Moody, an exuberant third-grader with many memories and moods that make for entertaining reads. From solving mysteries to predicting the future, Judy Moody is an imaginative young girl who resonates with many young learners.

Judy Moody is an excellent series for third graders transitioning into chapter books. Young readers are quickly captivated by Judy’s fluctuating moods and constant dilemmas, motivating them to progress throughout the series. Judy Moody also widely appeals to all students, as her tomboyish personality draws in both boys and girls alike.

How to Train Your Dragon

Another bookshelf staple for 3rd-grade readers is How to Train Your Dragon. This entertaining 15-book series follows the adventures of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, a small Viking with a big brain tasked with training a dragon before being initiated as a senior member of his Viking tribe. Incorporating humor through its storyline and illustrations, How to Train Your Dragon hooks young readers through funny and engaging stories about an underdog looking to succeed.

The How to Train Your Dragon series is another excellent introduction to 3rd-grade-level chapter books. With roughly 200 pages per book, this series will challenge third graders to read lengthier stories and instill confidence in their reading and comprehension skills.

Henry Huggins

Henry Huggins is a charming children’s series that has tugged at the heartstrings of young readers for decades. In the series’ first installment, readers meet a young, likable boy named Henry who is down about the lack of excitement in his life. Suddenly, a stray dog approaches Henry, begging for a taste of his ice cream cone and downing it in one gulp. And then the adventures of Henry and his rambunctious dog Ribsy begin.

Henry Huggins is a 6-book series that will have young readers hooked on every page, especially those with a soft spot for animals. Henry and Ribsy’s endearing tales will leave young readers smiling through every story and inspire them to keep reading along.

Geronimo Stilton

Geronimo Stilton is a must-read for young readers interested in adventure, mystery, and fantasy. This series follows the story of Geronimo, the editor and publisher of The Rodent’s Gazette, the most prominent newspaper on New Mouse Island. Geronimo, along with his adrenaline-junkie sister, Thea, his jokester cousin, Trap, and his loveable nephew, Benjamin, search for new scoops throughout the city and worldwide.

Geronimo Stilton is a page-turner for young readers. With each story, the author builds suspense through engaging plotlines and captivating illustrations. Using simple sentence structure and to-the-point plot lines, Geronimo Stilton maintains its readability for its target audience while delivering a suspenseful, enthralling thriller. 

Cam Jansen

Cam Jansen is a great series for students who are just beginning to read chapter books. Each book follows the life of Cam, a fifth grader with a knack for solving mysteries. Throughout the series, Cam and her best friend Eric work together to solve unique cases using Cam’s photographic memory as a tool. 

While reading Cam Jansen, readers will embark on simple sentences with challenging vocabulary, allowing a smooth transition to long-form books and advanced storylines. As young readers follow along as Cam solves puzzling crimes, they will advance their critical-thinking skills and draw their own conclusions on how to solve the mystery.

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