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4 Benefits of After-School Activities

Students getting ready to run during track and field practice

When the bell rings and students are dismissed, it does not mean your child’s day has to end. Lower and middle school students can fill their afternoons with enriching after-school activities that allow them to pursue their interests and continue learning outside the classroom. 

St. Timothy’s School offers a broad selection of after-school activities for lower and middle school students. From varsity and junior varsity sports teams to artistic painting activities, the after-school possibilities are endless for our active and ambitious students. For parents considering enrolling their child in an after-school activity, knowing how these different extracurriculars can benefit their child is important. Read below to learn more about the top four benefits of after-school activities for lower and middle school students.

Develops Social-Emotional Skills

Many after-school activities bring students together to work toward a common goal. Many after-school activities are all about teamwork, from playing a game of chess to passing the ball on the soccer field. While participating in activities with their peers, students develop valuable social-emotional skills that improve their communication and problem-solving. By working with others, children learn to be valuable team players while teaching themselves to be secure and self-reliant. 

The friendships formed in after-school activities also play a big part in a child’s social-emotional development. By participating in team-based extracurriculars, children cultivate and sustain friendships outside of the classroom. Bonding with classmates with similar interests strengthens a child’s connection to their community and bonds them to like-minded peers. As a result, children will feel more secure and confident in themselves and their peer relationships.

Helps Children Explore New Habits

After-school activities provide a safe and supportive environment for children to explore new interests and hobbies. With so many after-school extracurriculars to choose from, students can try out various activities and discover their true interests. Whether they join a sports team or a chess league, after-school activities provide many different outlets for identity exploration and passion. Ultimately, after-school activities are much more than just a way to fill your child’s time after school dismissal. Rather, they serve as an outlet for children to learn more about themselves and discover their likes and dislikes at an early age.

Improves Cognitive and Academic Performance

Participating in after-school activities helps children improve their academic performance. Being active regularly is proven to strengthen brain function and cognition. After-school activities provide children with an outlet to decompress and take their minds off of their studies. As a result, students are more likely to feel recharged when returning to the classroom with a sharper focus and more vital time management skills.

Private Education at St. Timothy’s School

St. Timothy’s School is a private school in Raleigh, NC that offers various enriching after-school programs to create a well-rounded learning experience for students. From athletics and performing arts to student leadership and service learning, we provide ample opportunities for students to engage outside the classroom. Visit our website today to learn about student life at St. Timothy’s School.