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St. Timothy’s students crowned champions at the Junior Classical League’s Certamen Tournament

St. Timothy's students at Junior Classical League's Certamen Tournament

Two teams from the St. Timothy’s Chapter of the Junior Classical League competed in the 2023 Luddy Open Certamen tournament at Thales Academy in Apex on Saturday, February 4, 2023. 

Certamen, meaning Latin for “battle,” is a quiz-bowl-style game designed to reinforce and enrich the topics Latin students learn in the classroom. Students compete in teams to demonstrate their knowledge of Latin vocabulary, Roman history, Latin mottos, and Classical Mythology. Both knowledge and speed are required to win at Certamen.  

Going into the finals team Alpha were in 2nd place, but when the slate was wiped clean they won with a score of 155 over Thales Academy, Rolesville, and Thales Academy, Apex. Team Beta’s hard work also paid off with final scores placing them 4th place. 

At the end of the tournament, the event organizers commented to our Team Alpha parents that they were extremely impressed that three 7th graders with barely a full year of Latin did so well against teams of mostly 8th graders. They said that St. Timothy’s Magistra must be an amazing teacher, and of course, our parents answered, “yes, she is!”  

ALPHA TEAM: First place

  • Cole 
  • Archer
  • Colton

BETA  TEAM: Fourth place

  • William
  • Jordan
  • Lainey
  • Dax