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Science and Engineering Fair Winners Announced

St. Timothy's School student is interviewed by judges during the Science and Engineering Fair.

Congratulations to the 72 students who voluntarily participated in the annual St. Timothy’s School Science and Engineering Fair! 

Each October, students in first through eighth grade are eligible to enter the annual competition. Projects were due on January 4, and students explained the research, procedure, data, and results of their experiments in a digital slideshow format. Local scientists and educators volunteered as independent judges and interviewed third through eighth graders who submitted a project. With more than 60 projects to consider, the judges had a lot to deliberate!

Congratulations to the St. Timothy’s School 2023 Science and Engineering Fair winners!

Youth Division:
  • Amazing Astronomer Award: “The Solar System” by Sloane Murphy (1st)
  • Blubber Biophysics Award: “Fun with Blubber!” by Marylynn Walter (1st)
  • Budding Biochemist Award: “Apple Oxidation” by Graham Bennett (2nd)
  • Butterfly Biologist Award: “The Effects of Temperature on Certain Stages of the Butterfly Life Cycle” by Birdie Burnsed (1st)
  • Dynamic Demonstration Award: “The Case of the Slippery Sock:  A Lesson in Friction” by Anderson Birckhead (1st)
  • Engineering Excellence Award: “Bridge Against Bridge: Which is Stronger, Duplo™ or Lego™” by Campbell Reade (1st)
  • Heart Health Award: “Heart Rate and Physical Activity” by Carter Quirke (1st)
  • Magnificent Model Award: “Rowan’s Zebraland” by Rowan Zellar (1st)
  • Superb Scientific Method Award: “Cookie Surprise!” by Anya Danner (1st)
Elementary Division:
  • 1st place:  “The Startle Response!” by Harrison Green (4th)
  • 2nd place“Does a Pet have a Dirtier Mouth Than a Human?” by Ethan Velthuisen (5th)
  • 3rd place:  “The Pump Test” by Bradley Fetner and AJ Boyle (5th)
  • Honorable Mention: “Cooking in the Sun” by Griffin Conley (3rd)
Junior Division:
  • 1st place:  “Spray or Nay?” by Erica Heuser (6th) Erica’s project is eligible to compete in the regional NC Science and Engineering Fair competition!
  • 2nd place: “Best Information Techniques” by Emma Bass (7th)
  • 3rd place: “Is Organic Chicken Manure Comparable to Purchased Fertilizer for Growing Plants?” by Liam Playford (7th)
  • Honorable Mentions:
    • “The Effect of Different Types of Liquids on Bean Plant Growth” by Alex Brown and Miller Cunningham (6th)
    • “The Fastest Charger” by James Cooke (7th)
    • “The Pop in Three Different Wood Bats” by Jake Lemons (7th)