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Reenergizing During Professional Development Day

Professional Development Presentation

For the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, faculty and staff gathered in person together on March 18 for professional development sessions. Culture coach Phil Boyte, who has more than thirty years of experience speaking to educators, spent the morning leading an interactive workshop. 

Boyte helped St. Timothy’s faculty and staff build stronger relationships by leading various large group, small group and one-to-one activities. He used a “Culture Pyramid” to visualize how strong relationships lead to trust, engagement, courageous conversation and ends in success. By asking faculty and staff members to interact with people that they don’t see on a daily basis, Boyte helped break down silos and build trust. There were quite a few laughs and some emotional moments as Boyte encouraged people to share personal stories with their colleagues. During the final activity, faculty and staff had an opportunity to recognize colleagues for the positive impacts they have in each others’ lives. 

After Boyte’s morning session, Head of School Tim Tinnesz spoke about the importance of the school’s diversity, equity and inclusion work. The day concluded with a fun social, leaving faculty and staff feeling reenergized and looking towards the future of St. Timothy’s School.