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Headmaster’s Cup and Faculty Cup Awarded

Headmasters and Faculty Cup recipients, Mivvi Warren and David Mills

On their last day of school, the eighth-grade class of 2022 gathered in the dining hall to enjoy the traditional eighth-grade graduation breakfast and reminisce about their time at St. Timothy’s School. During the breakfast, Head of School Tim Tinnesz announced the winners of the two most prestigious St. Timothy’s School awards. Mivvi Warren was awarded the Headmaster’s Cup and David Mills received the Faculty Cup. 

Students from the graduating class are nominated for these two prestigious awards by seventh- and eighth-grade teachers based on who they believe “best exhibits the outstanding qualities of a St. Timothy’s School student.” Nominees are considered based on overall academic performance, classroom contributions, extracurricular involvement, leadership, and service along with the core character traits of kindness, respect, honesty, and responsibility. Head of School Tim Tinnesz carefully reviews the nominations and selects a student to receive the Headmaster’s Cup. The Middle School Academic Council then selects one student from the remaining nominations to receive the Faculty Cup. 

Congratulations to Mivvi and David!