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4 Qualities of an Episcopal Education

St. Timothy's School students attend Chapel service

Enrolling your child in school for the first time is a huge step. While considering factors like location, cost, and curriculum, it’s also important to acknowledge how a school aligns with your family’s values. 

An Episcopal education creates a strong foundation for your child’s intellectual, emotional, and spiritual development. Through worship and community, Episcopal schools allow children to explore their identities and beliefs through a unique lens. For parents considering Episcopal education, here are four qualities you’ll find at Episcopal schools.

Value-Based Learning

Episcopal education takes a value-based approach to learning, setting a formative foundation for students to grow academically, physically, socially, and spiritually. At St. Timothy’s School, we teach with intention—instilling knowledge, skills, and values that will carry our students through life. The following pillars inspire the foundation of our value-based curriculum:

  • Social Emotional Learning teaches students to integrate thinking, feeling, and behaving into critical developmental tasks. This form of learning helps students develop self-awareness, self-management, relationship skills, social awareness, and responsible decision-making. Social Emotional Learning helps instill a lifelong foundation for focus, communication, and resiliency.
  • Service Learning allows students to support their community and broaden their perspectives on the world. Understanding community service’s true meaning and importance helps students learn the context behind their efforts and charitable impact.
  • Spiritual Learning encourages students to explore lifelong questions of existence, purpose, and meaning. Taking a faith-based approach to life’s greatest complexities, students learn to approach every situation with dignity, respect, and compassion. 

Religious Diversity & Exploration

Episcopal schools welcome students of all faiths and traditions. Regardless of their religious affiliation, students are encouraged to explore their individual beliefs and take a faith-based approach to their academic pursuits. Because Episcopal schools include a welcoming approach, they often see a diverse pool of students from all religions and cultures. This diversity plays a vital role in a young learner’s educational experience, as it broadens students’ perspectives at an early age.

At St. Timothy’s School, we worship and pray in the Episcopal tradition while offering classes that examine Christianity and other major world religions. Our Episcopal ethos incorporates Christian beliefs through weekly chapel services and religious middle school studies. However, we also encourage students to independently explore their personal faith and religious values.

Personalized Education

Episcopal schools like St. Timothy’s often have a low student-teacher ratio allowing teachers to give special attention to each student while discovering the best ways to differentiate each child’s learning style. St. Timothy’s School supports our teachers’ efforts to communicate with their students and create a safe environment  for everyone. 

A Sense of Community

Community is a fundamental pillar of an Episcopal education. At St. Timothy’s, we encourage students and families to participate in school activities and share their faith and love for learning. In building our community, our team prioritizes loving and serving others, cultivating a widespread sense of dignity, respect, and compassion throughout our students, families, and faculty. 

At St. Timothy’s School, we instill fundamental values in students that model God’s love and grace. Through comprehensive religious studies and services, we encourage students to view life’s modern complexities through a lens of faith and reason. Visit our site today to learn more about Episcopal education at St. Timothy’s.